2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Core Curriculum

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Creative Audience (1 credit)

All entering NVU-Johnson students must complete two semesters of Creative Audience at 0.5 credits each, for a total of 1 credit.  Students attend four events each semester from a wide variety of offerings to complete this requirement.  (Note:  This applies only to students whose home campus is NVU-Johnson.)

First-Year Seminar (3 credits)

Students entering with 15 or fewer credits must take a First-Year Seminar from the following list of courses:

(Course Type:  NFYS)
Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
AHS 1330   FYS: Being Here on Purpose X  
ARH 1030   FYS: Art and Ethics X  
ART 1035   Visual Arts Seminar   X
ART 1080   FYI: iMe X  
ART 1180   FYS: Art of Social Imagination… X  
ART 2007   FYS: Comix Go Legit: Graphic Novels X  
ATM 1060   New Student Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences   X
BIO 1050   FYS: Pretty or Nasty: World of Cosmetics X  
BUS 1080   FYS: Globalize It? X  
DAN 1210   FYS:  If I Can’t Dance, Keep Your Revolution X  
EJA 1035   New Student Seminar in EJA   X
ENG 1090   FYS: The Vampyre in Western Culture X  
ENG 1330   FYS: Language of Film X  
ENG 1360   FYS: DYSTOPIA: Cautionary Tales … X  
ENG 1420   FYS: Journaling: Writing in New Territory X  
ENG 1440 FYS: Thinking Globally X  
ENG 2355   FYS: Tradition & Identity in Contemporary Literature X  
HIS 1030   FYS: Hidden History of Vermont X  
HUM 1020   Cultivating the Cross-Cultural Mind X  
INT 1020   Entering an Academic Community   X
MAT 1090   FYS: Mathematical Puzzles Through History X  
MUS 1160   FYS: Music and Culture of New Orleans X  
OER 1090   FYS: Deep Survival - Wilderness Lessons for the Complex World X  
PSY 1025   First-Year Seminar: Up With New Students   X
SSC 1040   Intro. to Social Sciences   X
SSC 1050   FYS: A Call to Action X  
XSC 1025   New Student Seminar in Exercise Science   X


Communicating in the World: Written Expression (6 credits)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ENG 1071   College Writing X  
ENG 1072   Exposition & Anlaysis X  
ENG 1081   Writing & Reading Strategies for College   X
ENG 1082   Academic Inquiry   X

For NVU-Johnson students, successful completion of ENG 1031  and ENG 1032  can be substituted for ENG 1071.


Mathematics and Computing in the World (6 credits)

(Course Type:  NMCW)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
CIS 1090   Problem Solving with Computers   X
CIS 2060   Programming with FORTRAN   X
CIS 2271   JAVA Programming   X
MAT 1020   Intermediate Algebra X X
MAT 1060   Problem Solving with Math   X
MAT 1080   Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning X  
MAT 1221   Finite Mathematics X X
MAT 1320   Pre-Calculus X  
MAT 1410   Pre-Calculus   X
MAT 1531   Calculus I X X
MAT 2010   Number Systems   X
MAT 2021   Statistics X X


Natural and Physical Worlds (4 credits)

(Course Type: NNPW)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ATM 1010   Elementary Meteorology   X
ATM 1030   Elementary Oceanography   X
BIO 1210   Introduction to Biology X X
BIO 1211   Introduction to Biology: Ecology & Evolution X X
BIO 1212   Introduction to Biology: Cells & Genetics Basis X X
BIO 2011   Anatomy & Physiology I X X
BIO 4320   Sustainable Food Systems I   X
CHE 1023   Outline of General Chemistry   X
CHE 1031   General Chemistry I X X
CHE 1055   General, Organic, and Biochemistry X  
CHE 2020   Introduction to Environmental Chemistry   X
ENV 1050   Introduction to Earth Science X  
ENV 1080   Introduction to Environmental Science   X
ENV 2040   Introduction to Environmental Restoration   X
ENV 2060   Energy, Environment, and Society   X
GEY 1111   Introduction to Geology I   X
GEY 2112   Introduction to Geology II   X
PHY 2010   Introduction to Electrictiy and Electronics   X
PHY 2031   Fundamentals of Physics I X X
PHY 2061   Classics Physics I   X
XSC 2050   Human Gross Anatomy   X


Being in the World: Society and Behavior (6 credits)

(Course Type: NBEW)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ANT 3070   Ecotourism   X
BUS 2015   Fundamentals of Management in Business X X
BUS 2140   Personal Finance X  
BUS 2230   Principles of Marketing X X
BUS 3125   Business Practices & Civic Engagement X X
BUS 3240   Global Business   X
BUS 3350   Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship   X
CRJ 1010   Introduction to Criminal Justice X  
CRJ 1010   Introduction to Criminal Justice   X
CRJ 2010   Law Enforcement in America   X
CRJ 2020   American Judicial Process   X
CRJ 2050   Criminology   X
CRJ 2230   Introduction to Criminal Law X  
CRJ 2510   Criminal Law   X
CRJ 3210   Punishment and Corrections   X
DAN 1030   Body Awareness X  
DAN 3032   Body Awareness II X  
ECO 2060   Survey of Economics X X
EDU 2360   Perspectives on Learning X  
EJA 1010   Introduction to Media Communications   X
ENG 1280   Fundamentals of Public Speaking   X
ENG 2052   News Publishing X  
ENG 2085   Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing   X
ENG 3022   Advanced News Publishing X  
ENG 3025   Media and Society   X
GEO 1010   Introduction to Geography X  
HIS 3445   History of Soviet/Russian Cinema and TV   X
MRM 1010   Leisure and Tourism in Society   X
MRM 1080   Leadership and Small Group Dynamics   X
PHI 1040   Introduction to Ethics X  
PHI 1050   Ethical Practice   X
PHI 1060   Logic and Creative Thinking   X
POS 1010   Introduction to Political Science X X
POS 1020   American Politics and Government X X
POS 1030   Comparative Government X X
POS 2010   Observation of the Legislative Process X  
POS 2040   International Relations X X
POS 2050   International Economics and Politics X  
POS 3050   Environmental Ethics and Politics X  
POS 3060   Vermont Politics X X
POS 3210   Canadian Politics X  
POS 3220   Genocide:  Inhumanity Across the Ages X  
POS 3430   Government and Politics in Russia and Post-Soviet States   X
PSY 1010   Introduction to Psychology X X
PSY 2070   Developmental Psychology X X
PSY 2120   Human Sexuality   X
PSY 3210   Perspectives on Death and Dying   X
SOC 1010   Introduction to Sociology X  
SOC 1010   Introduction to Sociology   X
SOC 3250   To War and Back X  


Creativity in the World: Art and Aesthetics (6 credits)

(Course Type: NCRW)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ART 1011   Drawing I X  
ART 1011   Drawing I   X
ART 1015   Art Foundations   X
ART 1410   Digital Photography   X
ART 2030   Decorative Arts   X
ART 2055   Onsite Sketching   X
ART 2110   Introduction to Digital Media X  
ART 2115   Digital Arts   X
ART 2121   Calligraphy I   X
ART 2211   Painting I X  
ART 2241   Painting I   X
ART 2251   Sculpture I X  
ART 2251   Sculpture I   X
ART 2301   Photography I X X
ART 2301   Photography   X
ART 3060   Book Arts   X
ART 3210   Puppetry   X
CIN 1060   Cinema Production I   X
DAN 1010   Fundamentals of Dance X  
DAN 1111   Modern Dance X  
DAN 2131   Ballet X  
DAN 3020   Intermediate Ballet: Technique & History X  
DAN 3112   Intermediate Modern Dance: Technique &History X  
DES 2030   Fundamentals of Web Design   X
ENG 2101   Creative Writing X  
ENG 2130   Introduction to Writing Poetry   X
ENG 2140   Introduction to Writing Fiction   X
ENG 2155   Multimedia Storytelling   X
ENG 3010   Advanced Composition and Rhetoric   X
ENG 3110   Creative Writing Workshop   X
ENV 2025   Nature Photography X  
INT 3150   Godel/Escher/Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid X  
MAT 3040   Geometrical Reasoning X  
MUS 1030   Music Fundamentals X  
MUS 1085   Elements of Music   X
MUS 1041   Class Piano I   X
MUS 1042   Class Piano II   X
MUS 1231   Music Theory I X  
MUS 2070   Basic Songwriting   X
MUS 2340   Class Instruction in Voice   X
MUS 2341   Class Guitar I   X
MUS 3260   Music Theater Workshop X  
THA 1041   Introduction to Theater Arts X  
THA 1041   Introduction to Theater Arts   X
THA 2121   Acting I X  
THA 2121   Acting I   X
THA 3030   Theater for Young Audiences X  
THA 3210   Introduction to Directing X  
THA 3211   Directing I   X


Diversity in the World: History and Culture (6 credits)

(Course Type:  NDVW)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ANT 1010   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology X  
ANT 1030   Introduction to Anthropology   X
ANT 3010   Native Societies of America   X
ANT 3030   Comparative Cultures   X
ANT 3060   Ethnocuisine   X
ANT 3310   Myth, Magic, & Religion   X
ANT 3820   Anthropology Fieldwork   X
ARH 2010   Survey of Western Traditions in Art X  
ARH 2011   Survey of Western Art I   X
ARH 2012   Survey of Western Art II   X
ARH 2060   Survey of Non-Western Traditions in Art X  
ARH 2070   History of Photography   X
ARH 3110   The Spiritual in Non-Western Art X  
DAN 2010   Folk Dance X  
DAN 3010   The Renaissance Spirit X  
DAN 3180   Folk Dance II X  
DAN 3210   The Emporer Ain’t Naked: History Western European Fashion/Social Dance X  
EDU 2365   The Ecology of the Human Experience: Development, Culture, & Identity X  
EJA 2160   History of Journalism   X
ENG 1310   Introduction to Literature X  
ENG 1310   Introduction to Literature   X
ENG 2250   Critical Approaches   X
ENG 2281   Survey of English Literature I X  
ENG 2282   Survey of English Literature II X  
ENG 2290   Survey of British Literature & Culture   X
ENG 2325   Survey of American Literature & Culture   X
ENG 2390   World Literature: Explorations   X
ENG 2540   Global English:  Forms, Roles, and Issues   X
ENG 2545   Literature and Culture Survey   X
ENG 3090   QE: Horse & Human Culture X  
ENG 3385   Genre Seminar   X
ENG 3545   Literature and Culture Seminar   X
FLM 1055   Film Analysis and Appreciation   X
FLM 2015   History of Cinema I   X
FLM 2025   History of Cinema II   X
FLM 3010   Auteur Filmmakers Seminar   X
FLM 3320   Film and Culture Seminar   X
FLM 3610   Film Studies Seminar   X
FLM 4010   Theory of Cinema   X
FRE 1111   French I X X
FRE 1112   Intermediate French X X
HIS 1011   Western Civilization I   X
HIS 1020   Comparative Civilizations   X
HIS 1111   World History I X  
HIS 1112   World History II X  
HIS 1211   American History I X X
HIS 1212   American History II X X
HIS 2240   Survey of Eurasia   X
HIS 3056   Race in America   X
HIS 3155   Sports in American History   X
HIS 3165   Vermont History X X
HIS 3280   The History of American Recording Industry   X
HIS 3310   18th & 19th Centuries Europe   X
HIS 3330   Europe Since 1914   X
HIS 3440   Modern Russia   X
HIS 3530   Modern East & Southeast Asia   X
HIS 3540   Modern South Asia   X
HIS 3550   The Islamic World   X
HUM 3125   Religions of the World X  
HUM 3150   People and Cultures of the Middle East & Northern Africa X  
HUM 3160   African Culture X  
INT 3210   The Holocaust:  An Interdisciplinary Approach X  
MAT 3010   History of Mathematics   X
MUS 2280   Drumming Across Cultures   X
MUS 2740   Music Studies Seminar   X
MUS 3031   History of Western Music I X  
MUS 3032   History of Western Music II X  
MUS 3040   Jazz in America X  
MUS 3050   Social History of Rock & Roll X  
MUS 3220   History of the Blues X  
MUS 3330   Worlds of Music X X
MUS 3350   Music of the Americas   X
PHI 1010   Introduction to Philosophy X  
PHI 2050   Nature, Science, and Technology   X
PHI 2090   Popular Culture and Philosophy   X
PHI 3065   Philosophy of Film and TV   X
PHI 3140   Art Theory and Criticism   X
PSY 3025   History of Modern Psychology   X
PSY 3090   Lifespan Across Cultures   X
RUS 1011   Russian I   X
RUS 1012   Russian II   X
RUS 2010   Mystery of Russian Soul and Culture   X
SCI 4010   History of Science   X
SCI 4110   History of Agriculture   X
SPA 1011   Spanish I X X
SPA 1012   Spanish II X X
SSC 3820   Global Studies Fieldwork   X
THA 1040   Interpreting Contemporary Dramatic Literature X  
THA 2080   Theater Arts in the Dramatic Format   X
THA 3010   Shakespeare:  On the Stage & On the Page X  


Enriched Course in Climate Change, Sustainability, or Social Justice (3-4 credits)

(Course Type: NCCSE)

Course # Course Title NVU-Johnson NVU-Lyndon
ATM 1020   Elementary Climatology   X
ATM 2210   Geophysical & Human Interactions   X
BUS 1360   Introduction to Sustainability X  
CRJ 2220   Environmental Justice   X
ENV 1040   Introduction to Oceanography X  
ENV 1090   Introduction to Weather, Climate, and Climate Change X  
ENV 1110   Introduction to Environmental Problems X  
ENV 2080   The Anthropocene X  
ENV 2090   Sustainable Living   X
GEO 1010   Introduction to Geography   X
GEY 1111   Introduction to Geology I   X
MRM 2130   Wilderness Mind   X
PSY 4180   Exploring Race and Challenging Racism in the U.S.   X
SCI 1030   The Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences   X
SCI 1070   Food for Thought   X
SOC 3020   Environment and Society  X  


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