2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Faculty and Staff

The Administration

Parwinder S. Grewal, President, B.S. and M.S. Punjab Agricultural University, Ph.D. Imperial College London
Nolan T. Atkins, Provost, B.S. University of Minnesota; M.S., Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
Roy Brock, Dean of Administration, B.S. Austin Peay State University; M.B.A. Regis University
Jonathan M. Davis, Dean of Students, B.S. Lyndon State College
Sylvia Plumb, Director of Communications and Marketing, B.A. Connecticut College
Michele Whitmore, Executive Director and Dean of Students, B.A., M.A. Johnson State College

Full-Time Faculty

Aubuchon, Christopher, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Mathematics
Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Balcom, Ian, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Natural Science
Ph.D. University of California at Riverside
Beach, Jensen, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Writing and Literature
M.A. Stockholm University; M.F.A. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Beltz, Eleanor,  Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Health Sciences
Ph.D. University of Connecticut
Bennion, Janet, Professor, Johnson Campus, Anthropology and Sociology
Ph.D. University of Utah
Beth, Bradley, Assistant Professor, Lyndon Campus, Mathematical Sciences
M.S., The University of Texas at Austin
Bouley, Katie, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Exercise Science 
Ph.D. Springfield College
Clute, Sean, Professor, Johnson Campus, Fine Arts
M.F.A. Mills College
Daley, Daniel, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Mathematical Sciences 
M.Ed. Lyndon State College
Doll, Sean, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Mountain Recreation Management 
M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Duhamel, Heather, Assistant Professor, Lyndon Campus, Education
M.Ed. University of Vermont
Eddy, Isaac, Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Performing Arts
M.F.A. Brooklyn College, CUNY
Efremovski, Blagorodna,  Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Graduate Counseling
M.A. Johnson State College
Giese, Alan, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Natural Sciences/Biology 
Ph.D. Arizona State University
Gittleman, Joseph, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Music and Performing Arts
B.A. Johnson State College
Glentz Brush, Kelly, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Visual Arts
M.F.A. University of Kansas
Hanrahan, Janel, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Atmospheric Sciences,
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Johnston, David, Professor, Lyndon Campus, English, Philosophy & Film Studies
Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook
Landesman, William, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Biology
Ph.D. Rutgers University
Ledoux, Gregory, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Exercise Science
M.S. Bridgewater State College
Lewis, Timothy, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Electronic Journalism Arts
M.A. Union Institute & University/Vermont College
Luce, Benjamin, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Natural Sciences/Physics
Ph.D. Clarkson University
Luna, Andrea, Professor, Lyndon Campus, English
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
Martin, Mary, Professor, Johnson Campus, Fine Arts
Ph.D. University of Iowa
McGough, David, Professor, Johnson Campus, Graduate Education
Ph. D. University of Minnesota
Meachem, Meaghan, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Electronic Journalism Arts
M.A. Marlboro College Graduate Center
Miller, Hannah, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Education
Ph.D. Michigan State University
Mireault, Gina, Professor, Johnson Campus, Psychology
Ph.D. University of Vermont
Mirkin, Benjamin, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Mountain Recreation Management
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
Moskowitz, Brad, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Outdoor Education, Leadership and Tourism
M.A. Prescott College
Noyes, James, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Business Administration
M.Ed. Plymouth State University
O’Shea, Anna, Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Business Administration
B.S. University of Maine
Parisi, Philip, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Visual Arts
Ph.D. Capella University
Petrics, Gregory, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Mathematics
Ph.D. Dartmouth College
Plazek, David, Professor, Johnson Campus, Political Science
Ph.D. West Virginia University
Powell, Elizabeth, Professor, Johnson Campus, Writing and Literature
M.F.A. Vermont College
Preston, Aaron, Assistant Professor, Lyndon Campus, Atmospheric Sciences
Ph.D. Florida State University
Renner, Katherine, Assistant Professor, Lyndon Campus, Visual Arts
M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts
Rushford, Matthew, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Wellness and Alternative Medicine
D.C. Life University
Saeed, Timothy, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Music and Performing Arts
Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Schulze, Robert, Associate Professor, Johnson Campus, Education
Ed.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst
Scott, Emily,  Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Psychology
Ph.D. University of Utah
Searls, Paul, Professor, Lyndon Campus, History
Ph.D. New York University  
Shaw, Tyrone, Professor, Johnson Campus, Writing and Literature
M.F.A. Union Institute & University
Shine, Patricia, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Human Services
M.S.W. Simmons School of Social Work
Stewart, Maureen,  Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Graduate Counseling
Ed.D. University of Colorado
Stone, Michaela, Assistant Professor, Lyndon Campus, Education
Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Strokanov, Alexandre, Professor, Lyndon Campus, History
Ph.D. Perm State University (Russia)
Stroup, Brandon, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Social Science/Criminal Justice
Ph.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Tarleton, Emily, Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Health Sciences
Ph.D. University of Vermont
Thacker, Tara, Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Fine Arts
M.F.A. University of Washington
Theoret, Julie, Professor, Johnson Campus, Mathematics
Ph.D. University of Virginia
Towner, Daniel, Professor, Johnson Campus, Writing and Literature
Ph.D. Ohio University
Tucker, Barclay, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Visual Arts
M.F.A. University of Hartford, Hartford Art School
Warwick, Brian, Associate Professor, Lyndon Campus, Music and Performing Arts 
B.M. Berklee College of Music; M.S. Full Sail University
Werdenschlag, Lori, Professor, Lyndon Campus, Psychology
Ph.D. Tulane University
Zinn, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor, Johnson Campus, Environmental Science
Ed.D. Ball State University

Part-time Faculty 

(Partial list)
Abbene, Darcie, Writing & Literature
Austin, Mary Jane, Performing Arts
Berggren, Bryce, Fine Arts
Bertone, Kathy, Business Administration
Bickerstaff, Jeffrey, Writing & Literature
Blair, Stephen, Performing Arts
Blueter, DeAnne, Behavioral Sciences
Bond, Bethany, Fine Arts
Calhoun, James, Behavioral Sciences
Castleberry, Kristi, English, Philosophy, and Film Studies
Colby, Kelly, English Composition
Coviello-Gould, Maria, Psychology
Cravedi, Stefanie, Writing & Literature
Consejo, Tammie, Behavioral Sciences
Delongis,,Danielle, Behavioral Sciences
Densmore, Sabin, Education
Desjardins, Elia, Education
Dowling, Dan, Communications and Journalism / Atmospheric Sciences
Dwyer, Pauline, Natural Sciences, Mathematics
Egan, Timothy, Business Administration
Evans, Sheilah, Business Administration
Flaum, Morna, Education
Foley, Danni, Visual Arts
Foster-Weston, Colette, Mathematics
Gyurkovics, Gabor, Natural Science
Handy, Katherine, Education
Haskins, Karen, English Composition
Haywood-Bird, Eden, Education
James, Nancy, Education
Johnston, Kevin, Natural Science
Kaplan, Jonathan, Natural Science
Karp, Larry, Behavioral Sciences
Kroncke, Eric, Performing Arts
Mahnke, Michael, Fine Arts
Maloney, Lauren, Communications and Journalism
Matses, Greg, Performing Arts
May, Amy, Performing Arts
McCawley, Kate, Education
Modry, Rosemary, Writing & Literature
Moran, James, Business & Economics
Moynihan, Kate, Mountain Recreation Management
Nelson, Kerri, Communications and Journalism
Perline, Kelly, Behavioral Sciences
Perline, Kevin, Behavioral Sciences
Roald, Laura, Performing Arts
Robertson, Phillip, Fine Arts
Roosevelt, Michael, Visual Arts
Rozum, Aimee, Psychology
Satterlee, Hanna, Performing Arts
Scharnetzki, Elizabeth, Behavioral Sciences
Shanley, Richard, Education
Strafford, Sarah, Psychology
Strokanova, Elena, Social Science/Russian
Ulrich, Timothy, Mathematics
Vaden, Nicholas, Music & Performing Arts
Van Der Laan, Kyle, English Composition
Verderber, Gustav W, Environmental Health Sciences
Visnesky, Jessica, Criminal Justice
Ware, Thomas, Business Administration
Warnaar, Linda, Music & Performing Arts
Warwick, Ashley, Music & Performing Arts
Williams, Elizabeth, English Composition
Zolnoski, Victoria, Fine Arts

Professor Emeriti 

Bruce Berryman, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Alan Boye, Professor of English, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Kathleen “Kit” Cooke, Professor of History, Johnson State College, Emerita
William Doyle, Professor of Humanities, Johnson State College, Emeritus
John Duffy, Professor of English, Johnson State College, Emeritus
June Elliott, Professor of Psychology, Lyndon State College, Emerita
Jon Fitch, Professor of Psychology and Human Services, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Suzanne Gallagher, Professor and Head Librarian, Lyndon State College, Emerita
Frank Green, Professor of Education, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Dorian McGowan, Professor of Art, Lyndon State College, Emerita
Donald Miller, Professor of Biology, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Richard Moye, Professor of English, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Richard Portner, Professor of Television Studies, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Carolyn Reeves, Professor of Psychology, Lyndon State College, Emerita
Ron Rossi, Professor of Psychology, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Kenneth Vos, Professor of Philosophy, Lyndon State College, Emeritus
Alice Whiting, Professor of Education, Johnson State College, Emerita
Peggy Ryan Williams, President, Lyndon State College, Emerita


Loralie Adams
Transfer Credit Coordinator
Tom Adams
Custodian II
Miranda Aiken
Lab Manager
Dianne Allaire
Mailroom Supervisor
Edith Allen
Admissions Specialist
Thomas Anderson
Associate Provost/Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Faculty
Jeffrey Angione
Circulation Coordinator
Benjamin Arsenault
Coordinator of Academic Success Resources
Jennifer Aubin
Assistant Registrar
Jessica Aupperlee
Administrative Assistant, Public Safety
Bonnie Babcock
Records Specialist II
Megan Barnes
Head Athletic Trainer
Jae Basiliere
Professional Development Specialist
Thomas Bassett
Admissions Coordinator
Amy Beattie
Online Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Bergman
Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Marcus Bessette
Assistant Coach, Lacrosse
David Beyor Assistant Coach, Softball
Loretta Biamonte
Administrative Assistant
Pamela Billings Coordinator of Disability Services
Tony Blueter
Director of Upward Bound
Jay Bona
Circulation Coordinator
Denise Bourbeau-Moses
Coordinator for Disability Services
Spencer Bourdeau
Custodian II
Tyler Bourdeau
Public Safety Officer II
Roy M. Brock
Dean of Administration
Todd Brown
Custodian II
Kimberly Bryan-Swartz
Staff Assistant
Trevis Buckhanon
Graduate Assistant
Elliot Buelter
College Counselor
Rodney Call
Master Maintenance Technician
Renate Callahan
Administrative Assistant, Business & Economics
Katelyn Campbell
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Robert Carey
Coach, Soccer
Renee Chaples
Public Safety Officer II
Bobbi Jo Carter
Associate Dean of Distance Education Programs
Tammy Carter
Associate Registrar
Jo-Ann Charron
Custodian/Pool Technician
Sarah Chausse
Administrative Coordinator, PCMH
Alison Chiarelli Academic Advisor
Regan Christie
NVU Online Advisor
AnnaMarie Cioffari
Director of PCMH
Heather Collins Custodian
David Coolbeth
Maintenance Technician II
Tarquin Croteau
Public Safety Officer II
Nancy Currier
Custodian II
Shannon Cutting
Coach, Tennis
Owen Davie
Do North Coworking Operations Coordinator
Dixie Davis
Student Administrative Services Manager
Dottie Dearborn
Financial Aid Officer
Lynda Despault
Custodian II
Grace DiNapoli
Media & Marketing Coordinator
Cathy Donohue
Staff Writer
Denise Doyon
Custodian II
Lori Drew
Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Christine Dudley
Mathematics/Science Academic Coach
Kylie Dunphy
Student Development Coordinator, Upward Bound
Mark Dwyer
Mechanical Systems Technician II / Plumber, Physical Plant
Terry Dwyer
Vehicle & Equipment Mechanic/Grounds Maintenance Technician
Gregory Eckman
Associate Athletic Director
David Ellerbee Athletics and Recreation Office Assistant
Katherine Elmer NVU Online - Behavioral Sciences
Michele Feiner
Coordinator of Disability Services
Ruth Finch
Office Manager for Academic Programs/Registrar
Barbara Flathers
Assistant to the President
Benjamin Fondakowski Technician
Charles Forrest
Public Safety Officer II
Karen Fournier
Custodian II
Jesse Gagnon
Public Safety Officer II
Patti Gannon
Placement Coordinator
Jody Garfield
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Colleen Geddis
Staff Assistant, CPS Testing Center
Christopher Gilmore
Director of Athletics
Alice Godin
Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Kate Gold
Director of Advising Resources
Kim Goodell
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Jacqueline Goodwin
Custodian II
Lisa Goodwin
Custodian II
Anthony Grant
Maintenance Technician II
Elga Gruner
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Nermin Hajdarevic
Master Maintenance Technician
Timothy Hale
Custodian III
Brian Hall
Assistant Director of Maintenance
Sandra Hall
Administrative Assistant
Cara Hancy
Office Assistant, Athletics & Recreation
Kate Harney Head Athletic Trainer
Bethany Harrington
Admissions Specialist
Jennifer Harris
Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
Kelly Ann Harris
Custodian II
Warren Harris Coach, Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Daniel Haycook
Admissions Counselor
Brandon Heanssler
Web and Digital Designer
Cole Hennessy
Stacy Hopkins
Student Services Consultant
Danielle Hume
Director of LEAP
Jarrod Irwin
Senior Mechanical Systems Technician
Edward Jacques
Master Maintenance Technician
Adam Johnson
Coordinator of Institutional Research - Title III
Alfred Johnson
Assistant Athletic Director/Men’s Basketball Coach
Edson Jones
Master Maintenance Technician
Scott Julian
Senior Desktop Support
Jason Kaiser
Data Systems Administrator, ATM
Leslie Kanat
Interim Academic Dean
Johanna Kennedy
Staff Assistant, Counseling and Health Services
Sara Kinerson
Director of Advising and Registration
Eric Kirk
Marketing Design and Production Manager
Jenna Knight
Production Coordinator NVU-Johnson
Carrie Koniuto
Campus Visit Coordinator
Cindy Kullmann
Staff Assistant, Academic Support Services
Andrew Lafrenz
Coordinator for Sports Management/Soccer Coach
Mark Lawrence
Custodian II
Alex Lehning
Executive Director, VCPI
Rosanne Lehouillier
Custodian II
Thomas Leiper
Senior Mechanical Technician
Kenneth Leonard
Custodian II
Paul Levine
Director of Residential Life
Kim Loeffler
Coach, Women’s Triathlon
Sara Lussier
Director of Annual Giving
Jeffrey Machia
Vehicle Mechanic
Julie Machia
Custodian II
Karen Madden
Director, Academic Support Services
Brian Marcoux
Custodian II
David Martin
Senior Financial Aid Officer
Anna Maziarz
Assistant Director of Admissions
Kathleen McCarthy
Director, Wellness Center
Ryan McClure
NVU Online Advisor
Jessica McCoy
Associate Director, Upward Bound
Brian Michaud
Director of Public Safety
Tim Mikovitz
Director of Theaters and Programming
Emily Mixon
Professional Writing Academic Coach
William K. Moore
Senior Mechanical Systems Technician
Rebecca Munkelwitz
Web and Digital Communications Manager
Tara Nelson
Office Assistant, Athletics & Recreation
James Nichols
Head Trainer Athletics
Courtney Novak
Director of Lacrosse
Sandra Noyes
Office Manager for Academic Affairs and Registration
Paul Nowell Systems Administrator
Ann Nygard
Director, Center for Professional Studies
Avery Olearczyk
Librarian II
Darlene Oxton Staff Assistant
Michael Palagonia
Director of Public Safety
David Pasiak
Sports Information Director/Coach
Rebecca Pastor
Teacher Education Licensing Office Coordinator
Joshua Peake
Maintenance Technician II
John Peterson
Head Coach, Soccer
Lauren Philie
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Lucas Philoon
Senior Desktop Support Technician
Sylvia Plumb
Director of Marketing and Communications
Taras Popowycz
Assistant Coach, Soccer
Charlotte Porcelli
Director of Conference and Events
Monique Prive
Acquisitions Coordinator
Laura Race
Assistant to the Dean of Students
Brady Rainville
Academic and Study Away Advisor
Justin Rathbun
Admissions Counselor
Michelle Rauch
Assistant Director, M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Diane Raymond
Senior Staff Assistant, Education
Jared Reynolds
Project Manager/NVU Forest Product Accelerator and Do North Co-working Entrepreneur in Residence
Patrick Rogers
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Nicholas Roosa Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country
Nathan Rossetti
Lead Public Safety Officer
Deneen Russell
Jason Ryan
Interim Chief Technology Officer
Tara Jean Samora
E-Resource & Cataloging Specialist
Vicky Sanborn
Staff Assistant, Behavioral Sciences
Nate Sanders
Human Resources Coordinator
Rebecca Sanders
LEAP Program Coordinator
Mary Schlesinger
Custodial Supervisor
Tracy Sherbrook
Assistant to the Provost
Brian Slater
Assistant Athletics Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion / Sports Information, Athletics and Recreation 
Elizabeth Sousa
Assistant to the Dean of Students
Matthias Southworth
Campus Visit Coordinator
Dannielle Spring
Chief Budget and Finance Officer
Shane Stacey
Mathematics/Science Specialist
Jennifer Stefanski
Director of Conference and Events
Amy Stonoha
Operations and Technology Manager, VCPI
Winifred Sullivan
Lead Maintenance Worker
Ryan Sweatt
LAN/System Administrator, Head Resident
Reece Tanguay
Coach, Baseball
Edward Thorndike
Operations Manager of NVU Online
Sarah Thornton
Director of Student Activities & Community Service
Rhonda Trucott
Mailroom Supervisor
Jeffrey Tunney
Professional Development Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning
Christopher Ummer
Coach, Lacrosse
Kyle Underwood
Coach, Soccer
Serena Vascik McClure Administrative Assistant
Sierra Verburg
Assistant Director of Admissions
Andrea Wadlington
Student Services Consultant
Margaret Wald
Beth Walsh
Coordinator of Career Services
Deborah Whitney
Custodial Supervisor
Paul Williams
Admissions Counselor
C.R. Williams
Director of Upward Bound
Keegan Winchenbach
Custodian II
Shawn Woods
Amy Wright
Director of Career Services
Charles Yerrick
Michelle Zornes Human Resources Coordinator