2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 12, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty and Staff

The Administration

ELAINE C. COLLINS, President, B.A. University of California Los Angeles, M.A. University of California Davis, Ph.D. Ohio State University Columbus

NOLAN T. ATKINS, Provost, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, B.S. University of Minnesota; M.S., Ph.D. University of California Los Angeles

SHARRON R. SCOTT, Dean of Administration, B.S. University of Vermont

JONATHAN M. DAVIS, Dean of Students, B.S. Lyndon State College

The Faculty NVU Lyndon

BALCOM, IAN (2011) Associate Professor, Natural Science, B.S. University of Vermont; Ph.D Univeristy of California at Riverside.

BENNION, JANET (2003) Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, B.A. Utah State University; M.A. Portland State University; Ph.D. University of Utah

BOULEY, KATIE (2010) Associate Professor, Exercise Science, B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.S. Springfield College; Ph.D. Springfield College

BOSS, SAM (2015) Assistant Professor, Library, B.A. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; M.A. State University of New York - Brockport; M.A. University of Wisconsin - Madison

CASTLEBERRY, KRISTI (2015) Assistant Professor, English, Philosophy & Film Studies, B.A. Sonoma State University; M.A., Ph.D. University of Rochester

DALEY, DANIEL (2008) Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, A.S., B.S., M.Ed. Lyndon State College

DOLL, SEAN (2011) Associate Professor, Mountain Recreation Management, A.A. Brookdale Community College; B.S. Frostburg State University; M.Ed. Plymouth State University

FARRELL, KEVIN J. (1990) Professor, Mathematical Sciences, B.S. Nasson College; M.S. University of Vermont; Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

FORTNER, TARA (2013) Assistant Professor, Education, B.A., The College of Saint Rose; M.A. Alfred University; Ed.D. Plymouth State University

GIESE, ALAN (2006) Professor, Natural Sciences/Biology, B.A. University of California at Santa Cruz; M.S. Oregon State University; Ph.D. Arizona State University

GIESE, STEPHANIE (2015) Assistant Professor, Business Administration, B.S. Westminister College; M.S. Case Western Reserve University

GILBERT, ROBBY (2014) Assistant Professor, Visual Arts/Animation, B.F.A. School of Visual Arts, New York; M.Ed. Argosy University

GILMAN, CHANDLER R. (1998) Professor, English, B.A. Williams College; M.A. University of New Hampshire; M.F.A. Vermont College of Norwich University

GITTLEMAN, JOSEPH (2009) Associate Professor, Music Business and Industry, B.A. Johnson State College

GLENTZ BRUSH, KELLY A. (2002) Professor, Visual Arts, B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute; M.F.A. University of Kansas

HANRAHAN, JANEL (2012) Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, B.A. Alverno College; M.S. University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

HILTON, MARK (1999) Professor, Business Administration, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.B.A. Plymouth State University

JOHNSTON, DAVID (2005) Professor, English, Philosophy & Film Studies,  B.A. Denison University; M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook

LATHROP, ALISON S. (1999) Professor, Geology, B.Sc. Bates College; Ph.D. Dartmouth College

LEDOUX, GREGORY (2009) Associate Professor, Exercise Science, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.S. Bridgewater State College

LEWIS, TIMOTHY R. (1999), Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts, B.A. University of Vermont ; M.A. Union Institute & University/Vermont College


LUCE, BENJAMIN (2008), Associate Professor, Natural Sciences/Physics, B.S. State University of New York at Fredonia; M.S., Ph.D. Clarkson University

LUNA, ANDREA (1997) Professor, English, B.S. University of Vermont; M.A. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

McCOY, DAISY (1991) Professor, Mathematical Science, B.A. Douglass College of Rutgers University; M.S. Virginia Tech; Ph.D. Virginia Tech

MEACHEM, MEAGHAN (2008) Associate Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.A. Marlboro College Graduate Center

MIRKIN, BENJAMIN (2013) Assistant Professor, Mountain Recreation Management, M.A. University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

MORISON, WILLIAM (2012) Assistant Professor, Business Administration, B.S. Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire; M.B.A. Southern New Hampshire University

MUELLER, HARRY (2003) Associate Professor, Visual Arts, A.A.S. Milwaukee Institute of Technology; A.A.S., B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology

NOYES, JAMES (2015) Assistant Professor, Mountain Recreation Management, B.S. University of Phoenix; M.Ed. Plymouth State University

PARISI, PHILIP J. (2004) Associate Professor, Visual Arts, A.S. Champlain College; B.F.A. School of Visual Arts; M.F.A, Hunter College; Ph.D., Capella University

PASCALE, AIMEE (2015) Assistant Professor, Exercise Science, B.S. Springfield College; M.S. University of Oregon; Ph.D. Springfield College

PRESTON, AARON (2017) Visiting Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, B.S. University of Michigan; M.S. Florida State University; Ph.D. Florida State University

RAZZANO, ELAINE (1995) Professor, English, B.A. Georgian Court College; M.A. Seton Hall University; M.Ed. Plymouth State University; Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo

RUSH, BENJAMIN (2015) Assistant Professor, Mountain Recreation Management, B.S., M.S. Memphis State University; Ph.D National Taiwan Sport University

SAEED, TIMOTHY (2016) Assistant Professor, Music & Performing Arts, B.M. University of Pacific Conservatory of Music; M.M. University of New Mexico & Boston University; Ph.D Louisianna State University

SEARLS, PAUL (2005) Professor, History, B.A. Hobart College; M.A. University of Vermont; Ph.D. New York University 

SHAFER, JASON (2005) Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, B.S. Plymouth State College; M.S. University of Utah; Ph.D., University of Utah

SHERRER, MARGARET (2005) Professor, Psychology, B.A., University of Rhode Island; M.S.W. Rhode Island College; Ph.D., Boston College

SHINE, PATRICIA (2003) Professor, Human Services, B.A. Adelphi University; M.S.W. Simmons School of Social Work

SMITH, DONNA (2010) Assistant Professor, Electronic Journalism Arts, B.S. Lyndon State College; M.A. Johnson State College

STROKANOV, ALEXANDRE A. (2000) Professor, History, B.A. Perm State University (Russia), M.A. Perm State University, Ph.D. Perm State University

STROUP, BRANDON (2012) Assistant Professor, Social Science/Criminal Justice, B.A. Lock Haven University of pennsylvania; M.A. Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

TUCKER, BARCLAY (2001) Professor, Visual Arts, B.F.A. University of Utah; M.A. Syracuse University; M.F.A. University of Hartford, Hartford Art School

WARWICK, BRIAN (2016) Assistant Professor, Music & Performing Arts, B.M. Berklee College of Music; M.S. Full Sail University

WERDENSCHLAG, LORI (1992) Professor, Psychology, B.A. Emory University; M.S., Ph.D. Tulane University



Part-time Faculty

BERTOLINI, MARK, Business Administration/Law

BERTONE, KATHY, Business Administration

BOYE, ALAN, Professor Emeritus (retired), English

CARCIO, KATE, Mountain Recreation Management


DOWLING, DAN, Electronic Journalism Arts /Atmospheric Sciences

DWYER, PAULINE, Natural Sciences

EGAN, TIMOTHY, Visual Arts

ELMES, MARTHA, Visual Arts

FREGOSI, GIANNA, Music & Performing Arts/Theater

HANNA, CHARLOTTE, Business Administration



JAMES, NANCY, Education

KAPLAN, JONATHAN, Natural Sciences

LEONE, NICOLE, Mathematics

LORIOT, GEORGE, Atmospheric Sciences

MacDOWELL, LISA, English



MIKOVITZ, TIM, Music & Performing Arts

MOYE, RICHARD, Professor Emeritus (retired), English


STROKANOVA, ELENA, Social Science/Russian

TWOMBLEY, NORMA, Mathematics

ULRICH, TIMOTHY, Mathematics

VADEN, NICHOLAS, Music & Performing Arts

VAN der LAAN, KYLE, English




Professor Emeriti

BLANCHARD, IRENE (1976-1998)

BOYE, ALAN (1987-2009)

EBBETT, BALLARD E. (1960-1998)

FITCH, JON (1974-2005)


GREEN, FRANK (1970 - 2004)

McGOWAN, DORIAN (1959 - 2006)

MILLER, DONALD H. (1959-1999)

MOYE, RICHARD (1991-2014)

PORTNER, RICHARD (1977-2006)

REEVES, CAROLYN (1982-2003)

ROSSI, RONALD (1976-2015)

VOS, KENNETH (1967-1999)


The College Directors and Staff NVU Lyndon

Alex D. Allen    Public Safety Officer
Edie I. Allen   Admissions Specialist
Stephen C. Allen   LAN/System Administrator
Thomas K. Andereson   Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Faculty
Thomas R. Archer   Director of Physical Plant
Kathy A. Armstrong   Assistant to the Dean of Administration
Jennifer M. Aubin   Senior Financial Aid Officer
Bonnie D. Babcock   Admissions Records Specialist
Debra M. Bailin   Director of Student Academic Development
Megan Barnes   Head Athletic Trainer
Elizabeth L. Bergman   Interlibrary Loan Specialist
David E. Bixby   Custodian
Jay D. Bona   Circulation Coordinator
Cody W. Brackett   Graphic Designer, pt
Tanya W. Bradley   Director of Financial Aid
Mason M. Brewer   Admissions Counselor
Dustin R. Brooks   Maintenance Technician
Rodney J. Call   Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Jody A. Card   Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Jo-Ann Charron   Custodian/Pool Technician
Christina K. Cotnoir   Assistant to the Dean of Students
Patricia R. Cross   Staff Assistant to Director of Physical Plant
Jessie Lynne Dall   Staff Assistant to Faculty
Alexandra R. Damato   Admissions Counselor
Michael A. Dente   Chief Technology Officer
Grace L. Dinapoli   Media & Marketing Coordinator
Denise M. Doyon   Custodian
Lori A. Drew   Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Terry K. Dwyer   Vehicle Mechanic/Grounds Maintenance Technician
Andre J. Eason   Asst. Director of Upward Bound
Mary A. Etter   Coordinator of Disability Services
Charles M. Forrest   Public Safety Officer
Karen M. Fournier   Custodian
Miranda D. Fox   Registrar
Evelyn E. Franz   Recorder
Donna M. Gile   Staff Assistant to Faculty
Darlene N. Gilman   Staff Assistant for Conferences
Kathleen E. Gold   Director of Advising Resources
Jacqueline Goodwin   Custodian
Lisa R. Goodwin   Custodian
Nermin Hajdarevic   Master Maintenance Technician
Tim L. Hale   Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Jennifer K. Harris   Executive Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
Kelly-Ann Harris   Custodian
Brandon B. Heanssler   Web & Digital Designer
Stacy O. Hopkins   Student Services Consultant
Danielle R. Hume   Assistant Director, LEAP (AmeriCorps)
Kristin E. Hunt   NECC Site Director (Northern Essex Community College campus)
Edward A. Jacques   Master Maintenance Technician
Chantal A. Jean   Assistant Athletic Director
Jason N.T. Kaiser   Atmospheric Sciences Data Systems Administrator
Mark L. Lariviere   Custodian
Thomas J. Leiper   Senior Mechanical Systems Technician - Plumber
Kenneth W. Leonard   Custodian
Sara L. Lussier   Director of Annual Giving
David J. Martin   Financial Aid Officer
Shane E. Mason   Student Services Consultant
Katrina E. Meigs   Director of Human Resources
Brian W. Michaud   Public Safety Officer
Darcie A. Miles   Executive Assistant to the President
Denise B. Moses   Coordinator of Academic Success Resources
Ann M. Nygard   Director, Center for Professional Studies
David Pasiak   Head Men’s Basketball Coach & Sports Information Director
Joshua L. Peake   Custodian
Daniel M. Peal   Senior Mechanical Systems Technician - Electrician
Sylvia L. Plumb   Director of Marketing & Communications
Charlotte N. Porcelli   Director of Conferences & Events
Monique C. Prive   Acquisitions Coordinator
Diane W. Raymond   Student Services Consultant/Staff Assistant, Education
Rose E. Reynolds   Director, LEAP (AmeriCorps)
Dianne M. Rivers   Staff Assistant to Associate Academic Dean
Cynthia A. Robertson   Director of Payroll & Employee Services
Erin S. Rossetti   Director of Student Life
Nathan R. Rossetti   Public Safety Officer
Stephen P. Roy   Custodian
Jason R. Ryan   Assistant Chief Technology Officer
Tara-Jean Samora   Cataloger
Mary E. Schlesinger   Custodial Supervisor
Tracy W. Sherbrook   Assistant to the Provost
Deborah M. Sherwood   Custodian
David M. Siuta   Research Scientist
Robert E. Stowell   Public Safety Officer, pt
Tina M. Stowell   Custodian
Rhonda M. Trucott   Mailroom/Copyroom Supervisor
Thomas P. Weineck   Senior Desktop Support Technician
C. Richard Williams   Director of Upward Bound
Amy L. Wright   Director of Career Services
Aaron E. Young   Director of Technical Services


Faculty NVU Johnson

Brinegar, Kathleen. Associate Professor
Ed.D., Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Vermont
Specializations:  Middle Level Education, Adolescent Literacy, Women’s Studies
Clute, Sean. Associate Professor
M.F.A., Electronic Music & Recording Media, Mills College
Donovan, Kimberly. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling, Idaho State University
Hoffman, Audrey. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Special Education/Applied Behavior Analysis, Utah State University
Johnson, Leslie. Associate Professor
Ph.D., General/Exp. Psychology, University of Vermont

Leslie, Kenneth. Professor
M.F.A., Painting and Printmaking, University of Pennsylvania
Specializations: Painting, drawing and artist’s books

Martin, Mary. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Art History & Cultural Policy, University of Iowa
Specializations: 20th century art, African art, legal issues in art

McGough, David J. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, University of Minnesota
Specializations: Secondary/Adolescent Education, critical pedagogy, social theory, action research, leadership and policy studies.

Miller, John. Professor
M.F.A., Photography, SUNY Buffalo

Mireault, Gina C. Professor
Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Vermont
Specializations: Infant humor preceptions and creation, social referencing, tantrums, parental loss in childhood.

Schulze, Robert. Assistant Professor
Ed.D., Special Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Weigel, Daniel. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling, Idaho State University