2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) - L

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Program Description

This program is unique because it was designed as a template in which to incorporate technical/professional training within the framework of an associate’s degree. This program was created to expand NVU-Lyndon’s ability “to prepare every student.” This program responds to the VSCS strategic plan, specifically providing workforce education for our regional community and the state.

The degree is designed to meet the educational needs in multiple technical/professional fields, e.g., Computer Numerical Control (CNC) training, medical records, banking, etc. The degree requires 28 credits of General Education Core Curriculum, electives, and a flexible number of professional credits (depending on the scope of the professional training required by the organization/technical area). In this degree, the college partners with different organizations, e.g., VTC, VMEC, North Country Career Center, St. Johnsbury Academy, American Banking Association, etc. These organizations provide the technical/professional training, which is independently evaluated to ensure that college-level learning outcomes are met. Thus, the professional education/training components will not be delivered through standard coursework at NVU-Lyndon.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. articulate an appropriate research issue or topic and use appropriate methods and materials to address it;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the range and limits of the issue or topic through written work;
  3. present effectively the findings of that research, including appropriate conclusions;
  4. demonstrate an understanding of the research project’s relevance to the student’s overall course of study;
  5. demonstrate an understanding of the social relevance and broader application of the student’s research project.

Total required credits for program - 67

General Education: (28 credits)

These requirements may also be satisfied by placement exams, CLEP examinations, Advanced Placement (AP) credits, suitable transfer credit, or departmental substitutions. Departmental substitutions given as a result of exam or for prior knowledge do not grant credit toward graduation.

English: (6 Credits)

Mathematics: (6 credits)

Choose courses from the following list totaling 6 credits.  At least one of these courses must have a MAT designation, unless MAT 1020, Intermediate Algebra, is waived by placement test score.  Students waiving Precalculus by placement test score are exempted from the GEU Mathematics requirement altogether.  Make your choice keeping in mind requirements for your major and prerequisites for classes you plan to take in the future.

Social Science: (6 Credits)

Lab Science: (4 Credits)

Take 1 lab science (4 credits) from the General Education list of distribution courses in Natural Resources and Sustainability or Scientific and Empirical Reasoning.

Humanities: (3 Credits)

Take 3 credits from the General Education distribution list of courses in English, History, Humanities or Philosophy.

Arts: (3 Credits)

Take 3 credits from the General Education distribution list of courses in Art, Music, or Theater.

Professional Courses: (30 - 39 Credits)

Professional Studies Component - assessment by ETES - 21 to 30 credits.

Guided Electives: (Up To 9 Credits)

Students must complete up to 9 credits of additional course work (e.g., Business, Mathematics/Computer Science, or advisor approved area of study).

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